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This website is specifically designed and created for the sole purpose of the further investigation and to include the necessary background information needed to understand and comprehend DNA. This website provides the necessary information of DNA, and other topics, and includes a friendly-client side interface to assist in understanding the formidable subject of DNA and it's associated topics.

If the website takes a seemingly long time to load, download the compressed zip folder, which the link to download it is located at the bottom of this page, containing the same information on this site for a better physical overview of the information in a minimal amount of time. You will need a program to unzip the folder, in order to view the report.Although if you have questions concerning the information or would care to have additional information added onto this website, or have questions regarding the creation of this website, email me here.

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This is website is mostly focused on the topic of DNA, the Human Code. Learning about the human code, and how people may inherit different characterisitcs genetically is interesting to investigate. The diverse sections; DNA History, DNA Structure, DNA Functions, and DNA' Uses; provide a broad overview of each category, and also include a vast majority of short, in-depth inserts to portray a better understanding and comprehension of this complex subject, DNA, and to answer questions that would puzzle you about DNA.

As a bonus, this site includes a glossary. The glossary contains all words that were printed in bold that would seem hard to understand or not in an average person's vocabulary in the various sections within this site, so that you never become lost or puzzled while observing the information given on this site.

If you would like to download an easy-to-read report of DNA, that is pretty much similar to the information given on this website, click the link on the bottom of the main page to download.

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